Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Advantages of Scaffold Sheeting

When it comes to scaffold sheeting its primary use is to protect from debris falling on passersby and the workforce below. This has been the case for many years now and with the health and safety laws and insurance claims that seem to be rife in this age we live in, it is an essential requirement for all large commercial projects.
But one advantage that some companies fail to maximise on, whether it be the construction company or the site location, is the potential for advertising whilst the construction work is being carried out.
These days it would cost a small fortune to advertise on a bill board the size of an office block in a city centre.
With printable scaffold sheeting you can have the best of both worlds; you protect your workforce, general public and your own company from injury or claim, whilst advertising on a large scale to bring in new clients to grow and expand your company.
Now you may think the having that sheeting printed may be expensive and on average it does cost around two or three times as much. But how much would it cost to advertise on this scale, not to mention the professional appearance this gives your company. Another option for the longer term projects is to sell the advertising space, not only will this pay for the sheeting but more than likely contribute towards the whole cost of the construction work.
With the digital printing options available today the scaffolding sheeting can be printed with almost any design, from logos and contact information to full colour pictures that look like a work of art. In fact, recently I saw scaffolding sheeting round an old listed building that had a picture of the building itself printed onto the sheeting. At a glance it made it look like there was no scaffolding up, only when I looked closely did I notice that the brick work seemed to move slightly in the wind, a nice little touch for the site locations where keeping the building's facade on show is required.
If you are worried about how you would get the artwork done, the majority of the suppliers that sell the sheeting offer a full graphic design service to help you get the most from the advertising potential.
So whatever the reason you are getting scaffold sheeting, you can see the advantages of having it professionally digitally printed.

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