Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flagpole Installed And Maintained By Professionals

When it comes to installing a flagpole you may just think you dig a hole, put the flagpole in and you are done. But this will almost always lead to problems.
By using professional flagpole installers, you get the peace of mind knowing that they will do it correctly. Most flagpole installers will usually carry out a site survey first to identify any problems before they start. This usually includes a site access check, cat scanning for buried utilities, overhead construction checks and an assessment of the foundation type. They should also provide you with a detailed report stating any risks, the method of how they are going to do the installation, the volumes of concrete needed and any requirements for any installation equipment, like earth movers or access platforms.
All these checks mean that when they come to install the flagpole, everything gets done properly without any problems and the flagpole stays upright and safe for many years to come.
If your flagpole has been installed for a while, you should maintain it to make sure it is safe and it looks the best it can. A flagpole outside a business premises makes the company look more prestigious and well established, so what does a badly maintained flagpole in front of your premises say to your clients about you?
Most flagpole installation companies offer maintenance contracts with checks every 6 or 12 months, so you do not have to worry about the maintaining the pole yourself and can focus on running your business. The maintenance checks usually include pole checks for signs of wear or failure, halyard checks for signs of weakness through sunlight ageing, foundation and anchor bolt checks and finial and rotating arm checks. They should also clean the pole and replace the flag if worn, but this will depend on the contract you have with them as some companies will charge extra for the replacement of the flag.
One thing you should do if you have a few flagpoles, is ask for a discount for the maintenance contract, most maintenance companies offer substantial discounts for multiple poles, but make sure you ask as they're often not forthcoming with that kind of information.
So, if you are looking for a hassle free installation and do not have the time to maintain and check the flagpole yourself, you should get your flagpole installed and maintained by the professionals.

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