Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flagpole Installed And Maintained By Professionals

When it comes to installing a flagpole you may just think you dig a hole, put the flagpole in and you are done. But this will almost always lead to problems.
By using professional flagpole installers, you get the peace of mind knowing that they will do it correctly. Most flagpole installers will usually carry out a site survey first to identify any problems before they start. This usually includes a site access check, cat scanning for buried utilities, overhead construction checks and an assessment of the foundation type. They should also provide you with a detailed report stating any risks, the method of how they are going to do the installation, the volumes of concrete needed and any requirements for any installation equipment, like earth movers or access platforms.
All these checks mean that when they come to install the flagpole, everything gets done properly without any problems and the flagpole stays upright and safe for many years to come.
If your flagpole has been installed for a while, you should maintain it to make sure it is safe and it looks the best it can. A flagpole outside a business premises makes the company look more prestigious and well established, so what does a badly maintained flagpole in front of your premises say to your clients about you?
Most flagpole installation companies offer maintenance contracts with checks every 6 or 12 months, so you do not have to worry about the maintaining the pole yourself and can focus on running your business. The maintenance checks usually include pole checks for signs of wear or failure, halyard checks for signs of weakness through sunlight ageing, foundation and anchor bolt checks and finial and rotating arm checks. They should also clean the pole and replace the flag if worn, but this will depend on the contract you have with them as some companies will charge extra for the replacement of the flag.
One thing you should do if you have a few flagpoles, is ask for a discount for the maintenance contract, most maintenance companies offer substantial discounts for multiple poles, but make sure you ask as they're often not forthcoming with that kind of information.
So, if you are looking for a hassle free installation and do not have the time to maintain and check the flagpole yourself, you should get your flagpole installed and maintained by the professionals.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Advantages of Scaffold Sheeting

When it comes to scaffold sheeting its primary use is to protect from debris falling on passersby and the workforce below. This has been the case for many years now and with the health and safety laws and insurance claims that seem to be rife in this age we live in, it is an essential requirement for all large commercial projects.
But one advantage that some companies fail to maximise on, whether it be the construction company or the site location, is the potential for advertising whilst the construction work is being carried out.
These days it would cost a small fortune to advertise on a bill board the size of an office block in a city centre.
With printable scaffold sheeting you can have the best of both worlds; you protect your workforce, general public and your own company from injury or claim, whilst advertising on a large scale to bring in new clients to grow and expand your company.
Now you may think the having that sheeting printed may be expensive and on average it does cost around two or three times as much. But how much would it cost to advertise on this scale, not to mention the professional appearance this gives your company. Another option for the longer term projects is to sell the advertising space, not only will this pay for the sheeting but more than likely contribute towards the whole cost of the construction work.
With the digital printing options available today the scaffolding sheeting can be printed with almost any design, from logos and contact information to full colour pictures that look like a work of art. In fact, recently I saw scaffolding sheeting round an old listed building that had a picture of the building itself printed onto the sheeting. At a glance it made it look like there was no scaffolding up, only when I looked closely did I notice that the brick work seemed to move slightly in the wind, a nice little touch for the site locations where keeping the building's facade on show is required.
If you are worried about how you would get the artwork done, the majority of the suppliers that sell the sheeting offer a full graphic design service to help you get the most from the advertising potential.
So whatever the reason you are getting scaffold sheeting, you can see the advantages of having it professionally digitally printed.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

British Standards And Scaffold Sheeting

There are many advantages of using printed scaffold sheeting, from protecting the construction workers on the scaffold and in the areas below to promoting your business through advertising, and sometimes even profiting from the advertising space sold on the sheeting.
One thing you really need to be aware of when using this form of sheeting is safety and the British Standards. These standards were setup by the British Standards Institute with advice from the Health and Safety Executive and the National Association of Scaffolding Contractors. Its aim is to protect construction workers and the general public from harm.
The BS 7955 details the requirements of the sheeting and the strengths of the various areas of the material. You will also find that most manufacturers of the sheeting and the accompany attachments will also ensure that if fitted correctly the sheeting will detach in very high winds so as not to act as a sail and pull the scaffolding down.
When purchasing your sheeting you should always check that you can see the BS 7955 mark printed on the edge of the sheeting. If it does not have the mark then it certainly does not pass the standard.
When attaching your sheeting you should make sure you do so in accordance with the BS 8410 Standard, this standard gives recommendations and guidance on how to install lightweight temporary cladding systems on construction sites.
By following the guidance in these Standards you can avoid nasty legal cases. It was only in July this year when two companies in Stoke-on-Trent had to pay over £30,000 in fines and legal costs after the sheeted scaffold they erected collapsed on a particularly windy day. There was some minor damage to some parked cars but no-one was hurt or injured in the collapse of the scaffold (fortunately due to the workers being on a break when it occurred), yet the fines and costs were still this high. It just goes to show that you should always follow safety guidance when it is being given. Interestingly it was the construction company that bore the brunt of the heavier fines, whilst the scaffolding company received fines of around a third of that of the construction company.
So, protect your workers, general public from harm and your company from legal claims by buying British Standard products and installing them in accordance with the guidance given by the British Standards Institute.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tips on How To Start A Recession Proof Business At Home

With little sign that the current economic downturn is going to improve, more and more ordinary people are striking out alone and starting to run their own businesses from home. Given that the majority of working class people don't have much disposable income, many of these new ventures are failing due to offering products or services which are simply too expensive. That's why it's essential to choose a business which is recession proof. They do exist, and thousands of people are taking advantage of the recession by offering affordable products and services that meet the needs of today's demanding public. Not only this, but they are meeting this need and earning money from the comfort of their own homes.
Make a Business Plan
Even if you don't put pen to paper, you need to think things through thoroughly to determine the best business idea. Look for gaps in the market and things which are popular but have the potential for expansion. For example, because so many people are running businesses from home, there is demand for web designers, virtual personal assistants and accounts advice. If any of these business ideas interest you, it's never too late to go and get the qualifications that you will need to start up on your own.
When you think about your business plan you need to consider whether there are any options for growth and look to the future to see whether your business could cope with any possible changes. You need to be brutally honest with yourself and try and think analytically, although it's also important to trust your gut instinct to a certain degree; if you have a good, positive feeling about the business then you may regret it later on if you don't give it a try.
Promote Your Home Business
You can advertise your business for free if you use your imagination. Writing your own e-book could give credibility to your business concept. I would let potential customers and clients know that you exist and what you are offering. Use this e-book as a platform to launch your long term vision for the future. Use it to inform readers about your new products or services and showcase your abilities which will help attract customers.
Alternatively you can spend a little money and place an advertisement somewhere or hire a freelance journalist to write a piece about you and your exciting new business venture. Start off with the local press and when your business really begins to take off you can perhaps set aside additional funds for an ongoing advertising budget.
Selecting Recession Proof Businesses
Examine the talents or skills that you have. If you feel that your skills are a little rusty then you can always do a refresher style course at a local college or enrol for an online course. Once you have identified where your strengths lie, you are ready to try and start your own recession proof home enterprise.
Statistics show that franchising is on the increase so this is an area which you may consider. Look for franchise opportunities which are growing steadily such as online travel companies, web design or anything to do with the pet industry. If you have a good business brain then perhaps you could start off your own business coaching business to help other potential franchisees or entrepreneurs reach their goals.
Look out for a business which may offer additional niches which could potentially increase your earnings by allowing you to extend the products or services that you provide. For example, if you were to offer business coaching then perhaps you could also offer an auditing service where you advise clients about their taxes etc.
Tools you will need to get started
No matter what line of business you decide to branch out into you, will need access to a computer or laptop. This piece of equipment will hold all of your business details from accounts to customer details and will allow you to run your home business more efficiently. You will also need access to the internet, a cell phone and any stock which you may require in order to run your business.